Friday, September 13

Dark Legends

In Dark Legends, players assume the role of a vampire that is just beginning to realize his true power. In addition to quests and fun hack and slash game-play, you can also join guilds and battle other players in Player vs Player combat.

Combat in Dark Legends is all real time and requires a little skill.
Your character on screen in controlled by the joystick in the bottom left corner of the screen. You attack by pressing the big button in the bottom right corner. Holding down the attack button charges up your attack and does more damage when you let go. 

Located around the attack button are the special move buttons. These are fully customizable and are very powerful. When you have dealt enough damage the enrage button will start flashing. Clicking this will cause your vampire to latch on to the neck of the nearest enemy and drain them, refilling the player's life and granting a temporary buff. This can quickly save your life when you get in a hairy situation.

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Joining a guild in Dark Legends allows you to meet and play with other players.  Completing some of the harder quests is much easier with the help of others!

Saturday, September 7


Paplinko is a simple little time waster that can easily satisfy the urge to play something when you have a few minutes. Basically you drop balls from the top of the screen and they bounce around through a field of pegs until they land in one of 5 prize buckets at the bottom (giving you the shown prize). You have a limited amount of Paplinko Balls, but they regenerate over time.

There are a few special pegs like ones that increases your score multiplier, pegs that split your ball into 2 balls, and pegs that give your ball a shield protecting it from the evil purple and green slimes! That's right, sometimes the "prizes" at the bottom will be a slime, and when an unshielded ball lands in slime, you either lose half your total score (green) or your multiplier is reset to 1x (purple). So watch out for those.

The Paplinko Shop has plenty of stuff to spend your hard earned coins on. You can buy new skins for your ball (like moon, ladybug, pig, fireball), you can buy new backgrounds, or if you feel really wild, you can spend a Paplinko Buck (purchasable with real money) on a power up. These include things like the ability to lock in a minimum multiplier for a limited time, and the ability to instantly spawn a special prize in one of your buckets. You occasionally get Paplinko Bucks for free and can do offers to get more.

Friday, September 6

Knights & Dragons

Knights and Dragons is hands down the most addicting phone game I've played in a long time. Basically you have 6 knights on your team and you can equip each of them with different armors you acquire through crafting or fusing. You take 3 knights to each battle and fight anywhere between 3-7 waves of monsters that drop exp and crafting materials.  Use your power attack as the final blow on the boss to get rarer materials!

Trollforge Platemail
Legendary Epic Boss Armor
In order to get stronger you must level up, craft better armor, and sacrifice similar element armors to enhance your strongest armor! Always keep enhancing! Early on, I would focus on enhancing one good 2-3 star rare armor instead of enhancing all of your armors at the same rate. It will help you progress through the game and level up faster which raises your stats. If you're gonna give the game a shot, you need a referral code to enter after you do the tutorial. It gives you a 2 star rare earth/spirit armor right off the bat, Monk's Vestments, which will help a ton at the beginning.
My referral code is WBB-CYP-BMW

Every week there is a new epic boss. You can attack him using epic energy. The epic boss starts at level 1 and each time you kill him, gets stronger.  Once you defeat the level 15 version of an epic boss, you will have enough materials to make the boss's 4 Star Legendary Rare armor, which is usually good. While I'm writing this, the current epic boss is...the Troll King who drops materials to make the Trollforge Platemail!
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Monday, August 26


Megapolis is a "tap-to-collect" city building game where players build infrastructure buildings to increase the population cap, and residential buildings to actually raise the population, all while expanding the city. Production buildings allow you to make money by completing contracts that vary in cost, profit, and time.

Megapolis has a pretty big social aspect.  Some buildings can only be built with materials either sent to you by friends, or purchased with Megabucks (the real money currency).  Everyday you can visit friends and help them out by either speeding up their contracts and their buildings being constructed, or by restoring their expired contracts (they dont stay good forever!). Overall, Megapolis is a pretty fun city builder and has the potential to keep one entertained for hours...give it a try!

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P.S. I recommend saving your Megabucks and only using them on expanding.

Friday, November 12

Papaya Farm

Papaya Farm is one of the many games that makes up the Papaya network which is similar to a myspace/facebook social networking site.  In Papaya Farm, you start with a few plots of land and grow different crops in an effort to earn money.  Every few days of logging in increases your level by 1 which unlocks new crops and plots for you to grow them in.  As you add some friends, you will be able to visit their farm, steal their crops, and request that they water your plants if they are online.

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Tools are an important part of the game and a way to make even more money.  Every time you harvest a mature plant you have to plow the land before you can plant something else.  Every time you plow, you have a chance to receive a random tool, plant seed, or extra money.  Tools require you to own a certain amount of a specific crop before you can use it such as the Carrot Juice Blender which requires 72 carrots.  Like a lot of games today, there really is no end/point to the game.  You have an achievement screen to show which crops, tools, and processed crops you have acquired, so I guess it's about collecting them all.  Oh, and get used to the grammatical errors...Papaya Farm is full of them.

Monday, November 8


Moblox is a game similar to Angry birds where you're launching a ball at a bunch of green bricks trying to knock them all off of the screen.  Each brick you knock off adds 6 points to your score and once you pass 100 points, you beat the level.  It can get a little tricky sometimes considering you lose 5, 10 or 20 points everytime you launch a ball depending on the ball's size.

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Eventually you start seeing red bricks in the levels which subtract 5 points from your score every time you knock one off.  It's a fairly simple game, but it can get pretty tough near the end of the demo which is 30 levels long.  If you like Angry Birds, I would definitely recommend giving Moblox a play, and just like Angry Birds, getting 3 stars on every level will keep you busy for many, many hours.

Saturday, November 6

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game that has been around on the iPhone for a while now, but just recently became available on the Android Marketplace.  The object of the game is very simple: Launch your birds (with a giant slingshot) at a structure and try to knock it over while destroying all of the evil pig enemies.


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As you progress through the game, you will have new birds at your disposal, each with different powers.  The red birds are the normal birds, the blue birds split into three smaller birds when you tap the screen, the yellow birds get a speed boost upon tapping, and so on. With 150 levels, Angry Birds should keep you busy for a good while, especially when you reach the point where you want, or NEED, to get 3 stars on every single level.