Monday, August 26


Megapolis is a "tap-to-collect" city building game where players build infrastructure buildings to increase the population cap, and residential buildings to actually raise the population, all while expanding the city. Production buildings allow you to make money by completing contracts that vary in cost, profit, and time.

Megapolis has a pretty big social aspect.  Some buildings can only be built with materials either sent to you by friends, or purchased with Megabucks (the real money currency).  Everyday you can visit friends and help them out by either speeding up their contracts and their buildings being constructed, or by restoring their expired contracts (they dont stay good forever!). Overall, Megapolis is a pretty fun city builder and has the potential to keep one entertained for hours...give it a try!

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P.S. I recommend saving your Megabucks and only using them on expanding.

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  1. I see my friend playing this all the time at work. Hopefully he doesn't get caught!