Saturday, September 7


Paplinko is a simple little time waster that can easily satisfy the urge to play something when you have a few minutes. Basically you drop balls from the top of the screen and they bounce around through a field of pegs until they land in one of 5 prize buckets at the bottom (giving you the shown prize). You have a limited amount of Paplinko Balls, but they regenerate over time.

There are a few special pegs like ones that increases your score multiplier, pegs that split your ball into 2 balls, and pegs that give your ball a shield protecting it from the evil purple and green slimes! That's right, sometimes the "prizes" at the bottom will be a slime, and when an unshielded ball lands in slime, you either lose half your total score (green) or your multiplier is reset to 1x (purple). So watch out for those.

The Paplinko Shop has plenty of stuff to spend your hard earned coins on. You can buy new skins for your ball (like moon, ladybug, pig, fireball), you can buy new backgrounds, or if you feel really wild, you can spend a Paplinko Buck (purchasable with real money) on a power up. These include things like the ability to lock in a minimum multiplier for a limited time, and the ability to instantly spawn a special prize in one of your buckets. You occasionally get Paplinko Bucks for free and can do offers to get more.

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  1. Ah, the famous Japanese gambling game.