Friday, September 13

Dark Legends

In Dark Legends, players assume the role of a vampire that is just beginning to realize his true power. In addition to quests and fun hack and slash game-play, you can also join guilds and battle other players in Player vs Player combat.

Combat in Dark Legends is all real time and requires a little skill.
Your character on screen in controlled by the joystick in the bottom left corner of the screen. You attack by pressing the big button in the bottom right corner. Holding down the attack button charges up your attack and does more damage when you let go. 

Located around the attack button are the special move buttons. These are fully customizable and are very powerful. When you have dealt enough damage the enrage button will start flashing. Clicking this will cause your vampire to latch on to the neck of the nearest enemy and drain them, refilling the player's life and granting a temporary buff. This can quickly save your life when you get in a hairy situation.

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Joining a guild in Dark Legends allows you to meet and play with other players.  Completing some of the harder quests is much easier with the help of others!

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