Friday, September 6

Knights & Dragons

Knights and Dragons is hands down the most addicting phone game I've played in a long time. Basically you have 6 knights on your team and you can equip each of them with different armors you acquire through crafting or fusing. You take 3 knights to each battle and fight anywhere between 3-7 waves of monsters that drop exp and crafting materials.  Use your power attack as the final blow on the boss to get rarer materials!

Trollforge Platemail
Legendary Epic Boss Armor
In order to get stronger you must level up, craft better armor, and sacrifice similar element armors to enhance your strongest armor! Always keep enhancing! Early on, I would focus on enhancing one good 2-3 star rare armor instead of enhancing all of your armors at the same rate. It will help you progress through the game and level up faster which raises your stats. If you're gonna give the game a shot, you need a referral code to enter after you do the tutorial. It gives you a 2 star rare earth/spirit armor right off the bat, Monk's Vestments, which will help a ton at the beginning.
My referral code is WBB-CYP-BMW

Every week there is a new epic boss. You can attack him using epic energy. The epic boss starts at level 1 and each time you kill him, gets stronger.  Once you defeat the level 15 version of an epic boss, you will have enough materials to make the boss's 4 Star Legendary Rare armor, which is usually good. While I'm writing this, the current epic boss is...the Troll King who drops materials to make the Trollforge Platemail!
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